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Customized Resumes

Many current and future SLPs don’t know how to sell themselves to the next rung on the SLP career ladder. In a world of generalist resume writers, you need a practicing SLP to craft a resume that speaks specifically to the SLP pros reading it.

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No matter where you’re at in your SLP journey, your resume is the deciding factor. The problem is standing out: how do you get picked in a sea of strong candidates? I’ll give you an edge during your next step to SLP success with evidence-based practices and proprietary methods. When you need to cut through the noise, my pen is a sword.


We are here to help you get your dream job or get into your dream school!


You don't need a resume to get started; we provide you with a comprehensive questionnaire to collect all of your information when you sign up. If you already have a resume, you can get free feedback on it...

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