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Undergrad Bundle

The Undergrad Bundle is a comprehensive package designed specifically for speech-language pathology undergraduate students applying to graduate school. This all-inclusive bundle equips you with the essential tools and resources to confidently navigate the application process and secure your place in a top graduate program.


Key Features:

  • Stress Free Resume: Craft a professional and impactful resume tailored for graduate school applications.
  • Personal Statement Workbook + Review: Develop a compelling personal statement with guided exercises and receive expert feedback.
  • Ultimate Grad School List: Access a curated list of top graduate programs to find the perfect fit for your goals.
  • Grad School Planner: Stay organized and on track with a detailed planner designed for the graduate school application timeline.
  • Letter of Recommendation Template: Provide your recommenders with a structured template to ensure strong and supportive letters.
  • Interview Prep Guide: Prepare for interviews with confidence using a comprehensive guide filled with tips and practice questions.
  • SLP Observation Questions: Enhance your observation experiences with targeted questions to deepen your understanding.
  • Interview Follow Up Email Template: Make a lasting impression with a professional follow-up email template.



The Undergrad Bundle offers a unique and beneficial approach by providing all the necessary products in one cohesive package. This ensures you have everything you need to:

  • Increase Confidence: Approach each step of the application process with assurance and clarity.
  • Save Time and Effort: Utilize ready-made templates and guides to streamline your preparation.
  • Enhance Organization: Keep track of deadlines, requirements, and progress with the Grad School Planner.
  • Achieve Success: Access expert-reviewed resources that improve the quality of your applications and interviews.



Upon purchase, you will receive a downloadable link containing all the included products as either links or as part of the packet. Simply download the bundle, follow the provided instructions, and start your journey to graduate school with confidence and ease.


Pricing and Availability:

The Undergrad Bundle is available for $325, offering a significant discount compared to purchasing each product individually for $390. This valuable package can be purchased directly through our website.

Undergrad Bundle

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